Brett R. Jones
Brett R. Jones

Brett R. Jones

Live in the Future

CEO & Co-Founder @ Lightform

I love turning advanced technologies into compelling products. I have 12 years of experiences in inventing, designing and implementing new technologies to create magical experiences.

I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of Lightform, building the future of projection. I’ve worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Microsoft Research, and created VR/AR things like IllumiRoom and RoomAlive.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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2015 – present

Lightform is a VC backed hardware startup in San Francisco. Lightform's products transform spaces & experiences using projection mapping, adding magical effects & ambient interfaces to any 3D object.

I focus on product & marketing. I also lead fundraising and global strategy.

LF1 Launch Video. 2018

LF2 and LFC Kit Launch Video. 2020

LF2+ Launch Video. 2021


UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

PhD, 2015

Computer Science: computer vision meets HCI/design. Focused on VR/AR.

Advised by David Forsyth (computer vision) & Brian Bailey (HCI)

BS, 2008

Computer Science. Minor equivalent in fine art.

Bronze tablet (summa cum laude) 3.99/4.00 GPA.

Microsoft Research

IllumiRoom: Immersive gaming with projected AR

CHI 2013 paper (Best paper award & best video award)

IllumiRoom Full Video

Microsoft Research

UIST 2014 paper

RoomAlive: Turn every square inch of your room into a display with projection mapping

Disney Imagineering

2008 - 2010

Projected AR & VT Tools


Projectibles: Optimizing surface color for projection

UIST 2015


The future of photography with depth sensors



Around Device Interaction

Spatial input for navigation

Build Your World

Surface particles for generative projected AR content


ISMAR 2010

Electronics Arts


Technical artist intern at Electronic Arts on the Sims 3.

  • implemented plugin for Maya enabling in Maya previews of final game procedural textures

Press 📣

Publications 📰

BR Jones, H Benko, E Ofek, AD Wilson

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arXiv, 2015

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SIGGRAPH Studio 2018

Patents 📄

R Sodhi, B Jones, K Karsch, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck, A Kilkenny

US Patent App. 17/017,128


K Karsch, R Sodhi, B Jones, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck, A Kilkenny, ...

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R Sodhi, B Jones, K Karsch, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck

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R Sodhi, B Jones, K Karsch, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck, A Kilkenny

US Patent 10,805,585


K Karsch, R Sodhi, B Jones, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck, A Kilkenny, ...

US Patent 10,692,233


K Karsch, R Sodhi, B Jones, P Budhiraja, P Reyneri, D Rieck, A Kilkenny, ...

US Patent 10,373,325


H Benko, BR Jones, E Ofek, A Wilson, G Perez

US Patent 9,480,907


Awards 🏆

Grad School

COZAD New Venture Competition, 2014. 1st prize out of 120 teams. $20K startup funding.

Illinois Innovation Prize, 2013. $10K individual prize for innovation.

CHI Best Paper Award and Best Video Award, 2013.

Intel PhD Fellowship, 2013. 1 year of PhD funding.

Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, 2011. 2 years of PhD funding for "Spatial mobile interaction using depth sensors". ($100K)

Siebel Scholar Fellowship, 2010. 2 years of MS funding.


Bronze Tablet (Summa cum laude), 2008. 3.99/4.00 GPA (BS in CS)

Dunn Systems Undergraduate Scholarship, 2008

University Highest Honors - Bronze Tablet, 2008

Daniel L. Slotnick Scholarship, 2007

Ruth and Harold Hayward Scholarship, 2007

Illinois General Assembly Legislative Scholarship, 2005

Skills 👨🏼‍💻

Languages: C/C++, C#, Python, Matlab

Prior to my shift to a product/business role, I primarily programmed in C++. Now I occasionally write python scripts.

Libraries: OpenCV, Qt, OpengGL, PCL, FFmpeg, Unity, UE

Software: Adobe (Ps, Ai, Pr, Ae), TouchDesigner, Maya, Jira admin

Talks 💁🏼

Volunteering 🤝

My wife's non-profit which provides online support resources for young adults with cancer. I help out when I can, doing graphic design and maintaining the website backend.

Hobbies 🏃🏼

Endurance sports: running (mostly 1/2 marathons), triathlons (70.3 Ironman)

New media: motion graphics, 3D modeling, photography, cinematography, graphic design

Traditional media: oil/acrylic painting, sculpture, wood working

Favorite reading 📚

Creativity, Inc. Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace.

Inside the Tornado. Geoffrey A. Moore.

Running Lean. Ash Maurya

Venture Deals. Brad Feld.

Everything written by Isaac Asimov.

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